Doubletake: JaMpdx

Have you ever noticed the recurring surge of posts on Ravelry about yarn bowls? It seems like every time I turn around, there’s a new yarn bowl post in the main six forums (for those of you who spend less time on Ravelry, those are the ones you’re automatically subscribed to: For the Love of Ravelry, Patterns, Techniques, Needlework News & Events, Yarn & Fiber, Tools & Equipment.) Every time they pop up, inevitably someone mentions the beautiful yarn bowls from one of our featured makers in Issue #1: JaMpdx.

Even if you haven’t read the article in our first issue, you’ve probably seen Jenn Gauer and Meghan Radick’s work before, in photos or at an event. These Portland, Oregon based ceramicists work together to create beautiful, functional pieces that we adore.

The yarn bowls are lidded, with a wide opening to help funnel your yarn towards your project. I love a lidded yarn bowl, since it keeps dust from accumulating on a work in progress that ends up languishing for a bit longer than expected, and also because they look neater and tidier in an otherwise busy space (and your yarn is less likely to hop out and travel across the room!) The hand-applied details on each JaMpdx piece are elegant and sweet without being too frilly and the finish of each glaze is flawlessly smooth - nothing to get caught on your yarn.

The beautiful ceramics by JaMpdx aren’t limited to yarn bowls; mugs, cereal and serving bowls, cake platters and vases are just a few of their stunning creations.  You can purchase a berry basket adorned with miniature, perfectly replicated ladybugs, or shot glasses designed especially for knitters with “yarn tattoos.”  

Why a specialized yarn bowl? There’s something wonderful about having tools specifically made for a task. While we could always pop our project down into a popcorn bowl or (gasp) a plastic bag, there’s something special and elegant about coming home after a long day and settling into a designated knitting space. Your project is waiting for you, tidy as can be, ready to help you slough off the stress of your week with a few stitches and the gentle quiet of clicking needles.

Come visit JaMpdx online, on Esty, and on Instagram and see what beautiful new works of functional art they have available!



Andrea HungerfordComment