Issue #2 is on the press!

It's so exciting when an issue of By Hand Serial is ready to go to press and we get to start seeing the book take shape!  The first step is reviewing the proofs for color and text edits:

Once the final approval is given, we start the approximately four days of press checks.  This means that for 12 hours a day or so, we hole up in one of the publisher's comfy conference rooms with snacks and a lot of knitting to keep us busy, and every hour (or two), the press crew lets us know that a form is ready for review.  We troop down to the floor of the press room:

There, we do a final manual review of each and every photo on the eight-page form for color.  Is the skin tone right?  Is the yarn color as close as possible to IRL ("in real life")?  Sometimes, there are minuscule adjustments to color in a particular photo to be made - maybe less yellow, or more black.  The print crew fiddles with the controls (which look like the control panel of a spaceship to me!) and run a revised form for our approval.  Once we sign off, that eight-page form is off and running.

Back we go to the conference room, to wait for the approved form to complete its run, and the next form to be loaded and test run for our approval.  

The entire printing process is fascinating - to me, it is like magic how the press prints five different images, each in black or a primary color, and then lines them up perfectly, and ta da, you have every color imaginable!

After all of the press checks are done and the printing is complete, the pages are folded and the books are bound.  There is still a lot to be done, but we are one big step closer to having Issue #2 in our hands!

Andrea Hungerford