Beach Pebbles


My photographer and I recently traveled to northern Michigan for Lookbook No. 5 interviews and photographers.  While there, we managed to carve out a little time to wander along the beach of Lake Michigan in the small and utterly charming town of Leland.  We'd been told about Leland Blues and Petoskey stones, both of which can only be found in this region.  I hadn't realized how addicting it would be to collect rocks, but once I saw the beautiful Lake Michigan beach pebbles, I was transfixed.  And, once you start looking, it's almost impossible to stop!


A small collection of rocks came home with me, but once I was back, I wondered what to do with them.  I didn't just want them to collect dust in a jar on my desk . . . while in Leelanau County visiting LYS Wool & Honey, we fell in love with Liz Saile's stitch markers, made from Leland Blues and Petoskey stones.  I wanted to polish and set my rocks, but without any idea of how to do so (and not wanted to get sucked into yet another hobby!) I contacted Liz to see if she could help me out.  She graciously allowed me to send her my little collection, and she helped me sort out what was worth keeping.  She then polished and set the stones and shipped them back to me, all within a matter of weeks.  


The small Leland Blues and Petoskey stones I'd found were strung with jump hoops so that I can use them as stitch markers or charms.


Two pieces of quartz in my collection were polished and set as pendants or charms.


Finally, the crowning jewel of my collection - a small piece of fossilized coral - was polished and set as a pendant.  All of Liz's settings are lovely in their minimalism, so that you don't lose any of the character or beauty of the rocks themselves. 


These rocks are the best kind of souvenirs, because they are now functional art that I will use or wear every day, and just touching them immediately takes me back to a particular time and place, evoking memories of my first visit to the Great Lakes and the hospitality and natural beauty of northern Michigan and Leelanau County.

Andrea HungerfordComment