Michigan's Great Lakes


Lookbook No .5 is now available for pre-order . . . come with us and visit the makers of Michigan's Great Lakes!  We travel from Grand Rapids to Leelanau County and the shores of Lake Michigan, then up across the Mackinac Bridge and onto Mackinac Island in Lake Huron, then onto the Upper Peninsula and finally to the shores of Lake Superior.

Along the way, we visit with embroidery and quilting artists who translate the fields, flowers, farms, waters, and forests of northern Michigan into landscapes of fabric and fiber.  We test taste single-origin chocolate bars, visit the workshop of a master leather and woodworker, and spend a delightful morning in LYS Wool & Honey.  We meet yarn dyers and knitwear designers who inspires and amaze us.  And we record our journey in a stunning essay of photos that captures the beauty and wonder of Michigan's Great Lakes.

Lookbook No. 5 can be pre-ordered now as part of a three-issue subscription, or as a single-issue order.  We hope you join us and get to know the makers of Michigan's Great Lakes!

Andrea HungerfordComment