Issue #2 Feature: Second Chance Pillows

My fabric stash, like my yarn stash, is truly monumental in size - there are always fat quarters that I can't pass up, leftovers from a recent project, and even fabric that seems to mysteriously appear out of nowhere!  In the spirit of slow and thoughtful making, I've tried to focus more on using what I already have, including the re-use of well-loved and well-worn materials.  This was the inspiration for the Second Chance Pillow Series.

This sewing project is the perfect chance for you to look around your house.  Do you have well-worn tea towels?  Sheets?  Even men's button-down shirts?  You can give them a second life as pillows!  What if the fabric has stains?  This pattern shows you how to use bleach to turn even stained fabric into art.  

Thoughtful details, such as exposed seams and button-band closures, make these pillows beautiful and unique.  Learn more about this project in Issue #2 of By Hand!

Andrea Hungerford1 Comment