Featured Yarn: Canon Hand Dyes George Merino DK


One of my favorite parts of writing By Hand serials is the chance to knit with all of the beautiful yarns I discover.  Knitting the Machiasport Cardigan was my chance to take Canon Hand Dyes George Merino DK out for a test drive, and it didn't disappoint!  The color is stunning, the hand of the yarn is soft yet sturdy enough to hold the sweater's shape, and it wears beautifully.  

In addition to being a featured maker in Issue #1 of By Hand, there is a lovely story behind this particular yarn.  Some time ago, I knit a cardigan out of Plucky yarn in Churchmouse-themed colors.  It was very limited edition yarn, extremely difficult to get, and I loved it, but I didn’t like how the cardigan fit on me.  I tried to wear it a few times, but I just wasn’t happy with the style on my frame, so I took it (along with at least a dozen other sweaters) to my daughters’ school and asked all of the teachers to look through the sweaters, pick out their favorite and give them good homes, and donate whatever was left.


This cardigan must have ultimately been donated, because it ended up at Goodwill.  There, it was improbably discovered by Canon Hand Dyes creator Amy Lee Serradell.  A Plucky yarns aficionado, she immediately recognized the yarns in the sweater, snatched it up, and then found me through the magical connections of Ravelry.  In an incredibly kind gesture, she let me pick out a sweater quantity of any yarn in her store.  Although the decision was extremely difficult – she has so many beautiful yarns! – I finally settled on the Downton Abbey-inspired Lady Sybil Crawley.

I hoarded this yarn for some time – of course, I had to find the perfect pattern – but when I saw Beatrice’s beautiful cardigan, perfect for cool spring days and walks on the beach, I knew my yarn had found its soulmate.  The pattern was fun to knit, with some beautiful touches like the lace at the back and on the sleeves.  Although it was knit on US 4s, it progressed quickly, and I finished it with perfect timing, just as spring is starting to warm up our corner of the world.  I’m hoping to get lots of wear out of this one, and will always think of Amy’s kindness and the magical connection between knitters when I wear it!

Andrea HungerfordComment