Pattern Feature: Creamsicle Cargo Pouch

This is one of my favorite patterns in Lookbook No. 3, because all of the materials come from recycled sources.  The body of the bag is knit from Reunion Yarn, generated from reskeined sweaters; the leather pieces are scraps left over from another artist's leather bag making projects; and the linen lining is stash fabric remnants from an apparel sewing project.

I also love this project because it came completely from my imagination - it wasn't even inspired by something I saw or another project, but just an image that formed in my mind.  I love the cylindrical shape - it's so different from most bags and totes I sew, but still eminently practical.  And I love how easy it is to throw over your shoulder - kind of a blend between a tote or a purse, and a backpack.

One of the best things about the cargo pouch is how easy it is to customize.  You can literally use any yarn in your stash - or you can make the body of the pouch out of canvas, or just about any other kind of fabric (although if it was something as lightweight as quilting cotton, I would recommend heavier interfacing).  You can easily change up the size, making the pouch wider or longer (or both).  And you can create it as you go along - just start by knitting a tube, and go from there!

One of the best parts of project design is getting to see how others apply and interpret it, so if you knit/sew yourself a cargo pouch, post it on Instagram with hashtag #byhandserialsewingprojects or #byhandserialmaking, or and we'll share it on our feed!