Walk in the Woods Pullover


My newest sweater design is a free pattern for By Hand Serial newsletter subscribers!  This comfortable, classic pullover is perfect for unpredictable spring weather – wear it alone or over a light layer, stick it under your raincoat or over a skirt – this is a wear-anywhere piece that knits up quick!  Little details add to the overall appeal of the pullover; the hem splits right at the side seam to give you extra movement and keeps the edge from rising up, and the seamed construction keeps the shoulders tidy, not slouchy.  The yarn – two types of Isager knit double-stranded – makes the whole garment light and warm.

5C0A6427 2.jpg
5C0A6433 2.jpg

I’ve already knit three of these sweaters, and am close to finishing a fourth – they are so perfect for all weather and every occasion, I want one in every color!  You can find the pattern now on Ravelry.


Pattern:  Walk in the Woods Pullover

Yarn:  Isager Strik Alpaca 2 and Isager Strik Tweed (knit double-stranded)

Needles:  US 6s

I convinced my reluctant two oldest daughters to help me model these sweaters, and I love how the photos showcase the different ways the sweaters can be sized.  On Bella (wearing the taupe sweater), the look is slightly oversized; on Emmersen (wearing the black sweater), the garment is worn with a slight bit of negative ease, and on me (wearing the magenta sweater), the sweater is worn in a traditional style, with just an inch or two of positive ease.  Three different looks, all flattering and classic!

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