Issue #2


Knit rnds 1-21 of yoke chart as written.  Knit rnd 22 of chart until 1 st before EOR, sl st purlwise to right needle. Remove EOR marker, slip last st of rnd 22 purlwise to left needle, then put EOR marker back on the right needle and begin rnd 23 with a K2tog. Follow chart as written for the remainder of stranded yoke knitting.

Love Letter Poncho

Row 1 (RS):  S1 wyib, (p1 k1) twice, p1, pm, knit to last 6 sts, pm, (p1 k1) to end.
Row 2 (WS):  S1 wyif, (k1 p1) twice, k1, sm, purl to marker, sm, (k1 p1) to end.

Continue Rows 1-2 AND on every 20th row (WS):  S1 wyif, (k1 p1) twice, k1, sm, knit to marker, sm, (k1 p1) to end (this creates a purl "bump" every 20th row).


Issue #4

Pike Stout Poncho

Row 8, where the cables from Row 7 V out, there should be 3 purls between the knits, not 2.  Both the cables remain K2, and the inner cable should have been a k2/p2, not a k3/p1. 

pine stout main chart.jpg

Issue #5

Montmorency Braided Lattice Hat

Legend for the cables chart:

byhand cable hat chart copy (dragged).jpg

Issue #6

Seven Sisters Pullover

Legend for the chart: